Video: Kiran Bir Sethi on a student-centred curriculum – Part 2

In the final video in this 2-part series, Kiran Bir Sethi, Founder of The Riverside School in Ahmedabad talks to ACER India's Anannya Chakraborty about the school’s global programs – Design for Change and I CAN School.

Sethi strongly believes in the power of collaborative work. Using the COVID-19 vaccine as an example, Sethi says that when people come together to work on a common goal, great things happen.

‘I am a strong believer of the fact that this idea of working towards a larger goal and knowing that your role on the planet is to serve a larger good has a great purpose and it's the driving force of how we learn,’ she tells Teacher.

Sethi says most educators are aware that students must be engaged, they must undertake projects, and their education should not be restricted to rote learning. But, only a brave leader can put thoughts into action.

‘I think somewhere we get caught up in pleasing parents, organisations, everybody but reaching the child. So, wherever I have gone in and seen remarkable work, I’ve often seen a remarkable leader, a leader who is joyful, who is courageous…’

Watch the full video below to learn about her initiatives Design for Change and I CAN School – the number of countries the programs have reached, resources available for free, and how your school could be part of these global programs.

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